Nurse Performance Based on Clinical Pathway in Inpatient Room

  • Syukriadi Syukriadi Universitas Syiah Kuala
  • Hilman Syarif Universitas Syiah Kuala
  • Marlina Marlina Universitas Syiah Kuala


This study aims to identify the relationship between the variables of Clinical Pathway documentation, Clinical Pathway development, and Clinical Pathway implementation with the quality of nursing services. This research is quantitative research with a cross-sectional approach. This research was conducted at the Meuraxa Regional General Hospital, Banda Aceh. The population in this study were all nurses in the Inpatient Room with a sample of 68 nurses. Data collection used a questionnaire as a research instrument and consisted of closed questions. The research instrument has been tested for validity and reliability on 30 nurses with R-squared calculated. In this case, the calculation uses Cronbach alpha (0.966 > 0.80) with the results of clinical pathway documentation (0.842 > 0.361), clinical pathway development (0.618 > 0.361), and clinical pathway implementation (0.601 > 361). Data were analyzed by SPSS using the chi-square model and logistic regression. The results showed 37 (54.4%) nurses aged 26-30 years, 58 (86.3%) female nurses, 48 (70.6%) nurses with a Diploma in Nursing, 55 (80.9%) nurses with married status, 43 (63.2%) nurses with more than five years of service, 60 (88.2%) nurses with contract work status, 34 (50.0%) nurses have attended the clinical pathway training socialization. There is a relationship between the Clinical Pathway and the quality of nursing services (p-value 0.002 <0.05). In this case, the variables of Clinical Pathway documentation (p-value = 0.002), Clinical Pathway development (p-value = 0.009), and Clinical Pathway implementation (p-value = 0.569).

Keywords: Clinical Pathway, Development, Documentation, Implementation, Nurse Performance

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